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Art Commissions

[ you can find my commission marketplace page here ] I will leave the info here, though
Pixel Art!

Base Prices:

  • Head Shot - $15/hr

  • Partial Body - $20/hr

  • Full Body - $25/hr


  • Idle - +$10/hr

  • Walking - +$20/hr

  • Big Movements - +$25/hr


  • Background [still] - +$20/hr

  • Background [animated] - +$30/hr

  • Colour - +$10

Will Do:

Animals, humans, furry, mech, inanimate objects, VAYOR, fan content, original content, comics

Won't Do:

Long animation projects, porn, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.


All prices are in Canadian currency. The minimum wage where I live is $14/hr, so I am basing my prices off of that. If it has /hr next to it, I charge that by the hour. + means add to the base price.

Please tell me if you want it messy or clean, especially when it comes to black & white drawings.

The program I use is Marmoset Hexels 3