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finished!! with the intro quote!!!

Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson

each chapter will have a "prologue" with a quote related to the chapter. this one, for example, shows a bloody wolf escaping from some place. hmm, i wonder what that could mean?

boy, I marathoned all these panels in 24 hours! making "official" comics is simultaneously harder & easier than I thought it was. the more "detailed" stuff, like the wolf's face, was drawn on paper since I have more control, then traced over on krita & finished up. I keep looking over these panels for mistakes, but it's basically how I wanted it to turn out! really proud of that paw. haven't drawn a paw that good ever.

I will immediately start on chapter 1 now. wish me luck. stay tuned for when I begin posting to webtoons!

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Black Dog going up on BetaBooks

For anyone who'd like to check out my WIP fic, Black Dog, I'm posting my invite link here! Just click the wolf above. You can beta, help out with identifying trigger warnings, or just check it out to see if it's your cup of tea or not. If you like puns, werewolves, & secret identities, it just might be.
When it's done, I will post it to AO3 weekly until all chapters are up, with a thank you to my beta readers of course. Until then, I will be rewriting bits & editing the entirety of the fic & posting "finished" chapters on betabooks. Feel free to share the invite link

*You don't need to have seen Danny Phantom to read this.


After getting bitten by a werewolf-like creature, Danny is thrown headfirst into the world of the supernatural. Trying to find some semblance of control, he attempts to hide this newfound reality from his cryptid-hunter parents while trying to find the mysterious figure behind the late creature's presence in Amity Park.